Organizational Structure

Director's Office

Title Name Affairs Ext. Email Deputy
Library Director Yuan-Jen Yang
  1. Integrating library business to provide the best services.
3114 Email Yi-Ju Huang
Officer Chung-Ning Chen 3125 Email Hui-Wen Lai
Sin Liang
Officer Hui-Wen Lai 3124 Email

Chung-Ning ChenSin Liang

Officer Sin Liang 3126 Email Chung-Ning Chen
Hui-Wen Lai
Officer Ya-Jin Hou 3123 Email Chung-Ning Chen
Sin Liang
Officer An-Ci Jhao 3106 Email Yi-Shiou Yu
Yu-Shan Chen

Library Committee

Committee Member List

Technical Service Division

Title Name Affairs Ext. Email Deputy
Section Chief Yi-Ju Huang
  1. Taking care of books, periodicals, and audiovisual materials for collceting, exchanging, and donation.
  2. Taking care of books,periodicals, and audiovisual materials for classification, cataloguing,bibliographic and storage maintenance.
3103 Email Yi-Shiou Yu
Yu-Shan Chen 
Officer Yi-Shiou Yu 3105 Email Yu-Shan Chen
Officer Yu-Shan Chen 3104 Email Yi-Shiou Yu


Information System Division

Title Name Affairs Ext. Email Deputy
Section Chief  
  1. Promoting library automation system,problem solving,contacting and coordinating.
  2. Maintenance and management for automation system, CD system, website.
  3. Conducting e-resources databases subscription and extending courses.
8721 Email Ying-Chieh Chen
Hui-Ru Tsai 
Officer Ying-Chieh Chen 8712 Email Hui-Ru Tsai
Tzu-Feng Tseng
Officer Hui-Ru Tsai 8715 Email Ying-Chieh Chen
Tzu-Feng Tseng
Officer Tzu-Feng Tseng 8713 Email Hui-Ru Tsai
Ying-Chieh Chen


Readers Services Division

Title Name Affairs Ext. Email Deputy
Section Chief  
  1. Providing circulationservices, library tour,reference information,audiovisual materials,databases retrieving,interlibrary loan services.
  2. Business like stacks management, audiovisual materials management,…
8704 Email Wen-Shiang Huang
Yu-An Su
Officer Wen-Shiang Huang 8706 Email Yu-An Su
Li-Chun Cheng
Officer Yu-An Su 8705 Email Wen-Shiang Huang
Jian-Hong Chen
Officer Li-Chun Cheng 8707 Email Mei-Li Chen
Wen-Shiang Huang
Officer Jian-Hong Chen 8709 Email Yu-An Su
Li-Chun Cheng
Officer Mei-Li Chen 8708 Email Li-Chun Cheng
Yu-An Su