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    • 資源名稱:Woodhead電子書(買斷63冊-臺灣學術電子資源永續發展計畫IV)
    • 使用期限:永久使用
    • 資源簡介
        本館參加臺灣學術電子資源永續發展計畫IV,以買斷型式採購Woodhead電子書,本資料庫包含了Library and Information Studies Digital and digital rights management、Library and Information Studies Information literacy and study skills、Library and Information Studies Library policy and strategy、Asian Studies General business issues in Asia、Library and Information Studies Archives, cataloguing and classification、Asian Studies China、Library and Information Studies Information architecture and knowledge management、Library and Information Studies Public and other non-academic libraries、Library and Information Studies Library leadership and general management、Library and Information Studies e-learning and research、Library and Information Studies Personal and staff development、Library and Information Studies Electronic and information resources、Social Science and Business,Management, Social media、Engineering, Mechanical engineering and general materials、Energy and Environmental Engineering High temperature materials and power generation、Engineering, Corrosion and surface engineering、Biomedicine Bioinformatics, computing and life sciences、Materials Science and Engineering Biomaterials、Materials Science and Engineering Composites、Food Science Functional foods and nutrition、Textile Design Yarn technologies、Food Science Quality、Biomedicine Genetics and genomics、Food Science Ingredients、Energy and Environmental Engineering Sustainable production、Engineering, Civil、engineering、Textile Design Clothing、Food Science Meat, fish and eggs、Textile Design Fabric、technologies、Materials Science and Engineering Electronic and optical materials、Food Science Lipids (Including the Oily Press Series)、Biomedicine Life science, molecular and cellular biology、Biomedicine Pharmaceutical science technology, drug delivery、Biomedicine Stem cell sciences 、Engineering, Transport materials and technologies、Materials Science and Engineering Mechanical engineering and general materials、Engineering, Design and product development等63冊
    • 使用方式:
    1. 請從本館網站首頁點選「電子資源管理系統」→「電子資源管理系統(ERM)」→「資源查詢」→輸入欲查詢之資料庫名稱。
    2. 請尊重智慧財產權及出版社使用規範,並於個人合理使用範圍內使用,以免影響全校師生使用權益。